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Subject: RE: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?
From: Jean Dukate
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 20:10:17 GMT

Just curious as to how possible it would be to add 3D support into
Flash? Utimately we are talking about some need of a rendering engine
inside of Flash. And if so render to what? Render to bitmap or vector?
If Flash renders to bitmap like every other 3D app how would this be any
better than just importing bitmaps from a 3D app to start with. So what
we really want is a render to vector. But so far I have yet to find any
3D app that has a render to vector capability. Sure there are some
programs that can simulate a simple extrusion by basically copying a
shape over and over. But I haven't seen any application at all that can
render a complex model into a shaded vector image. Has anyone else find
such a program?

Am I wrong that this technology to render a complex 3D model into vector
just doesn't exist as of yet. If it doesn't exist then what are the
realistic expectations of having 3D capabilities inside of Flash. Are
Flash designers going to be happy if Flash only renders 3D objects to

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  Re: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious design, David Gary

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