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Subject: Re: AW: FLASH: Is internet design with Flash possible? ;-)
From: Al Rosetti
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 21:23:07 GMT

On the Flash is bad/Flash is great debate....
Sure, it has it's good and bad points.... but why debate a professor from
Germany? Like most of the so called "educated elite" his job shouldn't even
exist. The University system is 95% B.S. & 5% percent real value. This guy
is part of the smoke and mirrors. The thought of teaching a program like
Flash in a University setting is utterly ridiculous. If you want to learn
multimedia here's a tip that will save you (and society) plenty of time and
Buy the software for $300, pop it in, surf the net, peruse the news groups
and in 2 months you'll be fine with it. I can't think of a bigger waste of
money than learning Flash in college. If you add up the total investment
made by the government, school and student it's probably costing around 2 to
5 thousand bucks to "teach" someone flash. GIMME A BREAK!!!!


Al Rosetti

On a related note for the University/design students who read this list....
I don't know what your professor's are telling you right now but once you
graduate none of your clients are going to ask or even CARE about your
education background. All they want to see is your portfolio and client
list... in that order. If you want to become an employee and make $10 to
$20 bucks an hour (starting out) a degree MIGHT help you land your first job
but... 5 years lost and a $100,000 investment is a pretty hefty price for a
job that only pays about 25 grand a year. Forget the degree. If you've got
nothing but a strong desire to work and the willingness to go on a dozen
(mostly miserable) interviews you can have that job anyway.... and best of
all.... no student loan to pay back, hehe.

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  Re: AW: FLASH: Is internet design with F, David Gary

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