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Subject: Re: AW: FLASH: Is internet design with Flash possible? ;-)
From: David Gary
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 23:49:01 GMT

Al Rosetti wrote:

> On the Flash is bad/Flash is great debate....
> Sure, it has it's good and bad points.... but why debate a professor from
> Germany? Like most of the so called "educated elite" his job shouldn't even
> exist. The University system is 95% B.S. & 5% percent real value. This guy
> is part of the smoke and mirrors. The thought of teaching a program like
> Flash in a University setting is utterly ridiculous. If you want to learn
> multimedia here's a tip that will save you (and society) plenty of time and
> money...

Is there a way to "kill file" individual mail from the list?


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  Re: AW: FLASH: Is internet design with F, Al Rosetti

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