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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?
From: Garret Parsons2
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 23:56:34 GMT

>Just curious as to how possible it would be to add 3D support into
>Flash? Utimately we are talking about some need of a rendering engine
>inside of Flash. And if so render to what? Render to bitmap or vector?
>If Flash renders to bitmap like every other 3D app how would this be any
>better than just importing bitmaps from a 3D app to start with. So what
>we really want is a render to vector. But so far I have yet to find any
>3D app that has a render to vector capability. Sure there are some
>programs that can simulate a simple extrusion by basically copying a
>shape over and over. But I haven't seen any application at all that can
>render a complex model into a shaded vector image. Has anyone else find
>such a program?
>Am I wrong that this technology to render a complex 3D model into vector
>just doesn't exist as of yet. If it doesn't exist then what are the
>realistic expectations of having 3D capabilities inside of Flash. Are
>Flash designers going to be happy if Flash only renders 3D objects to

Yes there is such a product. "Adobe Dimensions" Go to there Web Page.
www.adobe.com. Dimensions is available in both Wintel and Mac.
It's a Great Program and very fast!

Hope this helps

If you are always looking behind your back,
how can you see what's right in front of you.

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  Re: FLASH: Flash3, Toy or serious design, David Gary

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