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Subject: Re: FLASH: RE: Flash3, Toy or serious designer tool?
From: David Gary
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 00:02:00 GMT

Brad Merritt wrote:

> Hello,
> I really think that Flash can be used to do more amazing stuff than it has
> been given credit for on this list in the past few days. Saying that the
> gradient control is sub average is not true. Perhaps I am niave, but what
> other vector program supports more than radial and linear gradients
> (besides the brand new Illustrator 8) and have the ability to manipulate
> gradients like you can in Flash? Look at what people have done with the
> tools. Did you ever see The Secret Garden? That site was amazing.

Hiya Brad,

Hope you didnt get your threads crossed with my topic of debate and Mr.
needless drivel. I didnt say things werent possible with gradients and Flash.
But if your a professional developer and work on deadline, creating detailed
vector images with gradients effectively is very time consuming and in the long
run cost the client and

> I think that too many people try to use gradients as graphic element (how
> many gradient spheres have you seen lately?)

Way too many. Enough to give FLash a bad name.

> I would also like to say that even though I am not the greatest flasher in
> the world, I love the program and think it the best thing that has happened
> to a designer and animator like myself who is not very technically
> oriented. Why is there so much complaining about Flash on here lately.
> Blaming poor sites on Flash is about the craziest thing I have ever heard.
> Especially this whole "interaction" debate that has been going on. Blame
> the designer for a poor design, no the program.

Noone's complaining Brad, just bringing up important issues that could direct
Flash to become the standard tool of choice of interactive content on the net.
Its not just MM's investment. It also anyone who spends time mastering it.


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