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Subject: RE:FLASH:TellTarget Button Problem
From: Creative Factory (Joe Troha)
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 00:52:46 GMT

Hello Flashers, can someone please help me with my problem??

Firstly I just want to say thanks to the list and especially -DG- for
all the
help I have received and shared so far. Now I thought I was getting the
of telltarget, when I cam across the below problem.

I can set instance names to MC's that sit on the MTL that
are parked in a transparent state. I can then set a dummy button that
only has a hit area embedded (and sound) that sits on top of the MC's
and I apply all the telltarget scripting to that button.

Currently I have animated button states in MC format for:
roll_over, roll_notover, roll_click, roll_norm.

My first problem is that I do not know how to set the telltarget
for the "roll_norm" (normal state) MC to play when no other button
state is active? I cannot see that function in the option area.

What I am trying to achieve is this scenario:
When the roll over state is active, the rol_norm (normal) state is not
and the roll_out is not. When the roll _out state is active then the
is not and the roll_norm is not. when the roll_click is active then the
roll_over is not, the roll_out is not and the roll_norm is not. When
nothing is
active over the button then the only thing that plays is roll_norm.

I hope this makes sense, It is probably very simple to most on this
it is something my inexperience is obviously missing.

Thanks Heaps in advance : )) >any feedback or advice will be grateful.

For a test of the flash file (weighing in at 65k):


kind regards,

Joseph Troha
Multimedia Developer
Creative Factory - Melbourne Australia
joeatcreativefactory [dot] com [dot] au
v: +613 9593 8882
f: +613 9593 8866

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