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Subject: AW: FLASH: bad design with Flash - John made jokes (very funny)
From: Robert Warnke
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 14:12:26 GMT

Hi Len,

thank you for your correction of my English. But I try to write in English
because English is the standard language in the internet like HTML is the
standard for web design.

Wenn ich nur auf deutsch schreiben wuerde, waere das wie die auschliessliche
Verwendung von Flash. Kaum einer koennte mich verstehen!

: Do you understand
: this list is specifically about development techniques in flash?

Yes of course. I started this discuss with an question about the Flash
player. And now I know Macromedia has forgotten some option for the user
(the stop button, switch animation and the download of sound files off and
skip time delays). I hope Macromedia put this in the next version of the
player. If not I think some intelligent programmers will make a alternative
player with this option next.

A question: Is there a mailing list about good or bad design?

: Flash is not good.
I never told this.

: It takes too long to load.
I never told this too. Maybe my English is not so good - sorry. I mean the
missing options in the player and the many bad examples made with Flash. I
think about to use Flash as a additional navigation of a frameset. It will
be work like ASAP. I think this is good possible with Flash.

: It overrides my control over my browser.
That is really true! This is impolite!

: Do you know what "trolling" is? Are you trolling this list?
This is a new word for me. Thank you. I think it mean a people send to many
critical words.

: I think of it as the traditionalist or conservative
: view.

This is not true. I am welcome new technologies in the internet. But I am
against limitations of the freedom of the surfers and impolite things like
time delays. Maybe my words are sometimes very hard (Berliner are very
directly) but planed time delays in an interactivity are harder.

: > I showed the sides with MS-Explorer with highest
: > security level (this
: > is the best way to use this). Instead of a Flash-Movie there
: > were error
: > messages. "The standard" Flash is not sure for Microsoft.

Sorry I cut your answer to this words. But I thought in an other class in a
firm. We have to make they Intranet security. One point is the highest level
of security in the MS-IE. That is my answer.

: >Maybe next
: > it will come a Flash Plug-In for UNIX. I think the most Flash
: > designer don't
: > change the Aftershock JavaScript for Plug-In detection then.
: I haven't a clue what the second sentence here means.

Please look at the JavaScript source code of Aftershock.

: > I'll change to
: > LINUX or FreeBSD next too.
: Ok. Have a bit of a problem running Office though, as well as many other
: common business and creative applications.

What you mean? Star Office? It is running very good. If you use LINUX or
FreeBSD you have a lot of free software.
You have to pay much money for the same kind of software on Windows. If you
have LINUX you will have a complete web server. This is Apache the most used
web server. One kind of software you don't need: virus scanner. This is not
Last Tuesday I was in an advertising company. I saw on all monitors LINUX.

: > I showed my students the source code of Aftershock. They
: > agree with me that
: > is better to change this before you can use it.
: I cannot imagine how you'd want to rewrite it.

If you put it on every page with Flash every user without Flash will see
every time the download window. I think it is very impolite if the user
don't like download this. It is enough to ask the user one time if he like
Flash or not and put the answer in a cookie.
The problem with UNIX see above.
I think Macromedia made some good ideas with Aftershock. But you can't make
good web design without knowledge of JavaScript.

Sorry, I cut your answer again. But please think about the difference
between an animation or a interactivity (like a navigation of a frameset).
Please do this favour for me and for the most web user. Please! Please!

: Frankly there are many pages I've written and several complete sites I've
: built that I would forbid users from entering with images off if I could
: detect that. One advantage of Flash is that as a designer you do have
: control over the presentation, and much more than you do with
: standard HTML.
: You may feel this is horrible, but some designers feel it is
: great. When you
: write in Flash, you know what the user's experience will be, regardless of
: browser, browser size, font settings, or anything else.

This big wish of designer is absolutely unreal. The users will decides if
Flash good or not. I think there are two parts in the internet. The Flash
designers and the big rest. The Flash designers discuss themselves about the
design of Flash movies and don't ask the rest what there thinking about
this. The rest are not interesting in this and would use the internet in
they own way.

: If you truly believe in freedom, anarchy, and the free
: dissemination of information and are not constrained by the need
: to protect
: your own ego, then distribute copies of this to your English-reading
: students. I, in turn, will gladly correspond with any of them who
: choose to
: write me about what I know and understand of the Web from my
: perspective, in
: terms of Flash or any other topic I am familiar with.

I told my students about this mailing list and told something of my posting
and the answers. But the most of they can't speak English. There is only one
student from England. But his class have finished Flash. I have one class
with Flash on Saturday.

Thank you for your meaning. I unsubscribe this list now. Flash is
interesting but not so. There are other neat stuff in the internet too.

Robert Warnke
Berlin (Germany)

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