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Subject: RE: FLASH: Something to do with Transparency...
From: Len Harrison
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 16:30:39 GMT

Side note on transparent Flash movies: They slow down tremendously. I tried
this in IE and within a VB form, just out of curiosity. I had a lot of
animated objects and buttons in the sample which works fine if not
transparent. On a 266 Pentium II, frame rate went to nothing. Things that
were supposed to spin just flashed, etc. MM mentions this in the
documentation but the results were much more pronounced than I imagined.
There's an example of using transparency, on the MM site(?), I've seen which
animates a little bird or something similiar. I don't think you could do a
lot more than this effectively.

len harrison
instructional designer
lenhatabtcorp [dot] com

P.S. apologies to all for provoking another Robert Warnke post. I wrote him
directly out of concern for his students in one last attempt to educate an
educator for the benefit of those he taught. Waste of time obviously. I did
not expect him to take this back to the list. And he didn't even quote the
good parts! ;=) -ljh

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  Re: FLASH: Something to do with Transpar, Alan Prather

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