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Subject: Re: FLASH: Relative links & GetURL: Huge Problem?
From: Colin Moock
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 16:53:57 GMT

flasheratshocker [dot] com,Internet writes:
>My Problem: Relative links don't work accross platforms even if BASE
>attribute is set.

About 8 months ago, I experienced two problems exactly like this which
I researched at great length. I did manage to find some answers and
solutions. Here's a repost of my original findings:

Hi All,

Thank you to all those who tested out my links with a Mac and helped to
narrow down the definition of this problem. I talked to Erica @ MM
support again today, and I did some more testing, and now have some

I had two issues with linking from Flash movies to external HTML files:

When the "BASE" attribute of an EMBED tag is set to an absolute URL
with *both* a domain and a path (eg.
http://www.yourdomain.com/foo/bar/) links don't work.

If the "BASE" attribute contains a path after a domain name, the Flash
plugin (not the ActiveX control) treats the last portion of the address
as a *file*, not a directory. The Flash plugin expects BASE to supply
only a host address, not a host address and a network path.

Workaround. When specifying absolute paths in the base attribute, use
the web server's host name *only*. Then in all Flash movie links, give
the full path from the root level of the host (as specified in the BASE
Eg. A link to http://www.domain.com/products/software.html
would require the BASE to be set to "http://www.domain.com" and the
NETWORK URL in the GetURL action to be set to "products/software.html".

a) Nearly every type of Mac OS, Processor, and browser version (IE,
Netscape) will crash (some always, some occassionally) when a link is
clicked in the simple test Flash movie at:
"http://www1.iceinc.com/testllink/leveltwo/relativebase.html". Not all
machines will crash. Some are fine. Nearly no windows machine will
crash predictably. No ActiveX version of Flash will crash on the same
movie. The webserver is MS IIS 3.0 running on NT.
b) When the exact same movie is viewed from a Unix machine running
Netscape Enterprise server, no crashing happens on any machine.

**Cause: Possibly the webserver software? Possibly the webserver
operating system? (I know, it sounds impossible).

**Solution: Host files on Unix and hope. I can't actually isolate the
problem here, so I don't have a real solution.

REPOST # 2 (From Jon @ MM)
The bug you mention with the Mac crashing when you click on a link
like an obscure Netscape bug that we have seen. Are you accessing a
file on
a web server that is on the same IP subnet as the client machine? The
problem is that the web server actually responds to the client machines
request for the page too quickly, the browser is not ready to handle the
response and crashes. This is a VERY rare problem. If you are going
any sort of network router, as would be the case with a public web site,
there will be enough of a delay that Navigator will be ready for the web
server's response. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to work around
problem in the Flash plug-in. It is something that Netscape needs to
fix in
the browser.

Unless you are delivering the final site on a small Intranet, this
not be a problem for the end users of your site.

To summarize, the conditions needed for the problem are:
1) Mac Navigator
2) IIS Web server
3) The Mac client and Web server must be on the subnet
4) And a bit of bad luck since it does not typically happen everytime


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