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Subject: Re: AW: FLASH: Is internet design with Flash possible? ;-)
From: Al Rosetti
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 19:53:48 GMT

Matt Sooey wrote...
and if you want to learn photoshop: $650, illustratator: $300, freehand:
>$300, Director: $1000, Any number of 3D engines: 300 - 1000+

Matt, I hear what you're saying when you talk about the cost involved in
software and hardware.... BELIEVE ME!!! I've had to buy all my own. If I
had to take a stab in the dark I'd bet it costs something slightly less than
10 thousand bucks to get all the hardware/software you'll need to start out
in the graphic design field/web/multimedia. I never knew that it would be
so much.... but.... compare that to a university for a second...

A semester at a good private college costs like 10 to 15 grand! A semester
at a public university costs around 2 to 3 last I heard. Unfortunately it
really costs a whole lot more than that. Taxpayers are gouged for the
remaining portion which puts the cost back up to the level of a private
school. In any case that's not the only expense involved. Five years of
lost wages... even on the lowest end is around $125,000... In fact it might
reach closer to 250,000! Probably just as harsh is the reality that you
lost 5 years of good networking in your field. Ok.... now in the long term
all this misery and expense would actually be worth it if you couldn't get a
job or clients without a degree. However, nobody I've talked to even cares.
Any interview that I've been on has been 50% talk and 50% looking at my
portfolio and the Internet. It's precisely the same situation in the
computer/tech field. My brother works for Allied Signal and in his 3rd
level support team of 20 people only 1 guy has a degree, and they all make
around $50,000. I personally think that sometime in the late 80's early
90's college actually became a giant economic negative for many (if not
most) people. The only productive purpose I can see the University system
being used for now is to meet attractive, single, women women, <g>. You
know... if you go back a few messages this really did start out about Flash.
I just can't remember how. hehehe
THAT'S right! It began as a debate about Flash with Robert Warnke, the
nutty professor!

burning this message thread right now,

Al Rosetti

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