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Subject: Re: FLASH: UnGroup vs. Break Apart ???
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 16:42:10 GMT

Bernardo Antunes wrote:

> (Dont look to my realy bad english, if you want to correct me, go for
> it)
> Hi,
> I believe that these are two complete diferent things.
> Group:
> It groups two (or more) objects so that you can move, modify,
> all at the same time, so when you UnGroup them, they will return to
> their initial state (The tranformations that you have done mantains, but
> they still are what they are, a symbol is still a symbol and so on).

Hiya Bernardo,

Persoanlly, the only thing Ive found "group" good for, is proper alignment.
YOu can goup symbols to align them easier. THis is about the only thing Ive
found it good for. But thats also a very handy feature. Group doesnt really
matter in anything else since all graphics should be created as symbols
anyway. One a symbol, it is "grouped".

> Break Apart:
> It realy break the object apart, supose that you have a Object
> Like a Graphic, you cannot realy edit it, but just apply some effects to
> it, when you break apart, you will tranform the object in the lines and
> other things, like when you created it before made it a symbol, for
> instance, if you have text, and make ungroup I think it wont ungroup
> athing, but if you break apart, you can make what ever you want to thak
> drawing.

Break apart is usually only used for imported images such as bmps or jpgs.
THis allows you to edit them. Symbols also can be broken apart for certain
effects. The original symbol is still intact, however, in the library. The
only way to really edit anything is from the symbol's point variable in the
library. THis means the "bare bottom" symbol.
IOWs, if I were to use a symbol(Frowny face) again and again, even in other
symbol's timelines at different scales, rotations, whatever. If I edited the
frowny face's symbol
to a smiley face. In every other instance I used it(in any other symbol or
timeline) they
would all have turned into a smiley faces.



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  RE: FLASH: UnGroup vs. Break Apart ???, Bernardo Antunes

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