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Subject: Re: FLASH: UnGroup vs. Break Apart ???
From: David Gary
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 21:47:21 GMT

Brandon Wolf wrote:

> Something I noticed about UnGroup vs. Break Apart:
> When a graphic is broken apart and you drop another graphic on top of
> it...the top object "cuts out" the broken apart graphic below it. When you
> group it, it retains it's shape.

Hiya Brandon,

Yup, another note. grouped images hold seniority over broken images. If the
image is
grouped and on the same layer it will place itself ontop(or hide) of an broken

BTW, saw the update on your page Brandon, very pro.
It looks good on IE3.0 but NS4.5 the texts stills rolls off the white bkgrnd.
Are your paragraphs in tables or cells? Didnt check the source.


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  Re: FLASH: UnGroup vs. Break Apart ???, Brandon Wolf

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