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Subject: FLASH: please check game support site and help me solve problem
From: Geoffrey Stoel
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 23:44:36 GMT

Hi again,

I I have designed a couple of flash movies, which will support a game I
start playing.

I send my players updated flash files of maps, texts, etc. As an extra I
tried to put my
movie on the web. And here it gave the next problem:

go to:

www.lr.tudelft.nl/~lr806482/eot/eye of traldar.swf

this is the direct swf file (no HTML yet).
then choose Tekst (=text) now the introductory story should being loaded and
displayed, but unfortunately this does not happen until you go back to the
mainmenu (hoofdmenu) and again to the text section.

This also happens with the Kaarten (=maps) section.

The strange thing is, that when I run those file locally (off-line on my
hdd), everything is fine and works the way it has to work.

BTW. This site is partly dutch/partly english, but will completely be dutch
in the future (sorry for the not dutch speaking guys, but it is the
mechanism that needs attention now.)

Please help me if you can,

Geoffrey Stoel

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