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Subject: Re: FLASH: Where can I find free/cheap sounds
From: Laura Mollett
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 1998 03:30:54 GMT

>There are several other software synth and drum machine applications besides
>Rebirth. Some of them are freeware or less crippled than the above. If
>anyone is interested in this marginally offtopic (notice a lot of sites use
>techno and drum machine sounds), let me know and I'll post a review of some
>of these.
>len harrison
>instructional designer
>lenhatabtcorp [dot] com

I'd be interested. I haven't delved into sound much yet, but am
planning to very heavily (along with flash to keep it on-topic :)
and am currently compiling everything I can find and huge lists
of sources and all like that.

btw, does anyone have an opinion on beatnik? i saw it suggested
and have been checking it out, but the lack of msie support
worries me... they say is because of msie javascript support
(or lack thereof) and they expect this to be fixed by ms. i'm
not so sure that'll really happen. anyways, just wondering.

Cybernetic Composer makes variations on jazz, latin jazz, rock
or ragtime, btw. It writes the music.


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