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Subject: FLASH: quicktime
From: Wayne Townsend
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 23:42:28 +0100


They say you can't do quicktime in flash.

Wanna bet?

Have you checked out my latest at:


I'm doing it.


the latest bingo is up at

For your eyes only. I'll put it up for ron & tim later.

Another thing, DO NOT distribute anything I write to you anymore. Do
not play games with me. It is very impolite to redistribute personal
emails. And it doesn't get you anywhere. In fact, it hurts you.
Because, while they like to hear it, even more powerful is that they
then dissrespect you for doing it.

And I sure you wouldn't want me to do it on you either. I'm quite
sure about that.

So can we come to an agreement on that? My emails to you remain
private and yours to me remain private between us. Ok? NO
redistribution. Ok? Do not play office politics with me Den,
because they love me here, and there is NO WAY you will win that

I have another contract with a media co. in LA that likes our work.
Do you want in? If not, I'll understand because everybody knows I'm
a tough SOB to work with. But if you do, I would consider you one
more time.

If I were you, I'd say yeah. If not, and you say Naa, then I'll
understand. At least I think I will.

later Den,


Joe Wayne Townsend
waynetatabsolute [dot] net

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