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Subject: FLASH: whoops he shoots he misses
From: Larry Eisenstein
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 18:00:30 +0100

Dear Mr. Townsend,

Your alleged 'mistake' posting of a private and uncomfortably personal
e-mail to a developers public
forum was at the very least unforgivably negligent. But sending us all a
follow up, informing everyone
on the Flasher list the identity of the co-worker you were directing your
venom towards, (a well
respected and help-generous FlasherList-contributer) makes it easy to
question the purported accidental
nature of your first stupendous blunder. I really don't want the content of
your personal and immature
vendettas spilling out onto my work space.

The transparent pseudo-apology you posted here, comes off as slanderous
mischief. Your joking tone
offends the sensibilities of many professional developers involved with this
list. The arrogance you
displayed in your pale act of contrition was revolting. If you get sued I
hope you are made to understand
the inappropriateness of your behavior. When you mess with peoples ability
to do business, you are
impacting their capacity to provide food to their families. Grow up and do
your dirty laundry somewhere else.

Larry Eisenstein

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