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Subject: FLASH: Re: Flash and panoramas
From: Tom Hedstrom
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 19:00:50 +0100

The movie canvas size does not matter, the frame rate does not matter. You
can just experiment to find out the number of frames, add 20-something and
you'll see when it disappears.

I know I can use the embed tags to control pan and tilt values, but this can
not be done in real-time, it would involve rewriting the HTML page

I did however figure out to do this, using a software called Live Stage. It
basically involves creating the flash content in flash and then opening the
QTVR in LiveStage and drop the SWF in. This gives me access to all the flash
buttons and actions I've created so that I can apply these to control
anything I want inside the QTVR.

I'll be working on a demo of this next week, if you're interested I'll point
you to an example when it is finished. Mail me off-list.


on 29/10/99 3:41 pm, Carol Geary at carolingatearthlink [dot] net wrote:

> I still can't imagine what size you use for the frame, the fps, or how
> many frames. O, well. You could use the EMBED tag attributes to set pan
> and tilt.
> Tom Hedstrom wrote:
>> Flash actions work fine on linear movies and object movies, but if I import
>> a panorama I get the same image in every frame. What the flash actions do is
>> basically tell the video track to go to different frames in the animation.
>> on 29/10/99 2:50 pm, Carol Geary at carolingatearthlink [dot] net wrote:
>>> Yikes, I thought only QT movies worked with Flash import and export! How
>>> many frames did you use for the panorama? What fps did you use? If it
>>> works, why not use the Flash actions? I'm learning here too, sorry no
>>> answers.
>>> Tom Hedstrom wrote:
>>>> Has anyone had any experience in importing QTVR panoramas in Flash?
>>>> I've managed to import my panorama and export it from Flash, but I would
>>>> like to create custom controllers for the pan and tilt angle and the FOV.
>>>> It should be perfectly possible but I can't figure out how. I'm assuming it
>>>> involves sending messages to the QTVR track from the flash track, using FS
>>>> commands.

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