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Subject: RE: FLASH: fullscreen exe
From: AL Lyman
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 23:21:55 +0100

My movie loads with game board on right, and text scroller on left.
Game board has forward, back, and reset buttons.

At last frame I have a different scroller load (for final comments)
with a close button on it.

I publish it as a projector .exe, but the scroller is not there, and the
screen is not full, and the final scroller doesn't load-not enough
room without fullscreen.

In main move-frame1-I inserted
FS command=fullscreen=true.

In that frame is a SetProperty to locate the main movie and a load
movie to load the scroller. Fs added below these.

In publish preview-html, it all looks good, but not the exe . Lost. AL

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