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Subject: Re: FLASH: quicktime
From: suzy
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 01:45:21 +0100

dear mr. renu,

this is in reply to your querie about quicktime in flash.

i am informed that mr. townsend will be unavailable to answer, but i
can shed some light on the smoke and mirrors here.

it is a simple matter of exporting a quicktime movie (easily done via
premiere or after effects) into a numbered pict file sequence and
bringing it into flash. each pict frame is dropped into a flash
frame and batta boom batta bang!

let's leave aside the fact you'll end up with a total byte whore of a
flash movie, but maybe if you dress her up and downsize her no one
will notice.


s u z y

"fuck art, let's dance"

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