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Subject: Re: FLASH: Is this one of those weird PC/Mac things ?
From: Frederico
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 03:53:03 +0100

On 10/29/1999 8:14 PM, Tom Green via tgreen17athome [dot] com, said:

>BTW. Am quite familiar with ResEdit, Frederico, been using it since 86/87
>or there
>abouts. The app still scares the beejeebers out of me because I have seen
>far to
>many newbies to the Mac seriously screw it up because they didn't have a clue
>regarding what they were doing.

Then I would suggest you would feel much safer with Snitch or FileBuddy,
which only allow you to alter the file type and creator codes, and not
(easily) access the actual file code or resource fork.

FWIW, I d/l'd the file you referenced, and found the typical generic
text-file that was created when the author used WinZip or a like-utility,
and your version of Stuffit (I'm guessing 5.1.x) inadvertantly stripped
out the creator information.

If the author had used Stuffit to ZIP or SIT the file, this would not
have happened.

Also, had you mapped out the '.fla' extent in FileExchange (or MacOS
EasyOpen), and then restarted the Mac, then double clicked the file, it
likely would have opened correctly, anyway. But, given what an
unnecessary pain in the ass that is, just swap the creator codes, and all
will be well.

Better, if you encounter this as frequently as you say, just make an
AppleScript that you can drop any generic FLA file on, that will then
swap the codes for you to make it Mac-ready in a flash (so to speak).

Happy Friday


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