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Subject: Re: FLASH: Instance's, buttons within a movie.
From: John Croteau
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 05:09:48 +0100

Hi Harald,

> Before asking is there a FAQ from all questions asked before wich are pretty
> common and are explained in "normal" english. The flash4.pdf gives me a
> headache =o(
Try http://www.FlashCentral.com/tech/ first.

> My problem with those movie timelines is with the buttons in the movie.
> Because u are not on the MAIN timeline the button action is done in the
> movie itself.
> I can assign an action to the first movie's buttons because i can click on
> them in the scene, and assign a frame to go to.
I assume you are talking about movie clips (MCs)

> In the second movie you cant see the button, becuase it is hidden. It will
> appear when the movie is done.
> I have to assign the action within the movie. And somehow the instances on
> the MAIN timeline are not available for referal.
The button MC needs to be available at all times if you want access to
Put it in its own layer with empty frames behind it.
The standard way is to make a frame in it a Park frame that is invisible
so when you go to your target frame you have a second action to move the
button to the Park frame (reverse when coming back.

> I noticed something like the dos command line. That you work with "/" to
> refer to the other timelines. (still get my point ? ).
/ takes you to the main timeline.
For more communication between timelines (MC and main) using TT see --->

> How do u get buttons within a movie, to go back (with the go.to command i
> guess) to the main timeline.
> What i do now is hide a button on the main timeline and it pops up when the
> movie is done.
> The button is not in the movie but on the main timeline. (scene1).
> I would like the movie to have the button however and assign it back to the
> start of the main timeline.

> And i need more layers in the scene than i guess i need.
Layers cost nothing.

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  FLASH: Instance's, buttons within a movi, Harald

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