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Subject: Re: FLASH: Is this one of those weird PC/Mac things ?Nope. It is the unstuffer.
From: Tom Green
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 14:38:50 +0100

Frederico wrote:<snip>

I suggest you d/l a new copy, and unzip it with either Stuffit Expander
version 5.1.3 (free) or MacZip FAT 1.x (free). (check your current
versions, update if required).

Well slather me with honey and tie me to an ant hill, if that didn't work.

Changed my helper app in Netscape 4.6 from Zipit (mac. for .zip files) to
Stuffit expander and I now have John's words merrily following my cursor all
over the screen. Looks like my copy of zipit is destined for a visit to the

BTW,John, the numbers in your previous post were dead on but the file name
is FlyingText12.fla.

Thanks guys.

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  Re: FLASH: Is this one of those weird PC, Frederico

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