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Subject: Re: FLASH: quicktime
From: suzy
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 17:16:58 +0100

my dear mr. green,

inquiring minds ask the burning question, "why?" why indeed.

why would someone with penchant for obese bitmaps torture lesser
mortals by clogging up their 28.8 modem arteries with empty eye candy

why would any woman of sound mind put on a pair of white pumps after labor day?

because they both think they're really stylin'.

but hey, the masses are uprising, opting for bypass surgery and
chucking their dinky plastic modems for shiney new dsl and cable

and ya never know, maybe tom ford will start showing white pumps in
his next fall collection. things change.

you may think i have all the answers, but honey, i never said they
were the right ones. the right answers are on aisle six in the john
croteau department.

> > "fuck art, let's dance"
>Only if you lead, my dear.

well, if you insist. ;-)


lisa, honey, you know what i'm saying about the white pumps, don't you, sugar?

s u z y

"fuck art, let's dance"

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