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Subject: FLASH: Trouble executing loop...
From: Mike Chambers
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 20:57:50 +0100

Can anyone see any reason why the followig loop would not loop. I am
succefully retrieving the data from the datasource (as shown by the variable
values at the bottom). All of the variables are on the same level

---begin loop-------

Load Variables ("data-test.txt", "_level0")

Set Variable: "k" = 0
Loop While (k < varCount)

Set Variable: "k" = k + 1
End Loop

-------begin variable values----------

Layer #0:
Variable _level0:k = "0"
Variable _level0:varCount = "27"


Thanks in advance for any help...

Mike C

meshatex-pressnet [dot] com

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