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Subject: FLASH: The "Why" of DiscoverToys
From: Tom Green
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 21:11:25 +0100

Kevin Jackson wrote:

> www.discovertoys.com is a Macromedia site that demos their products.


And that is about as far as this should go.

The site in question doesn't demo macromedia productrs. It is a "dummy" site
set up for the Authorized Flash 4 Training Programe.

If you are an authorized macromedia trainer- sorta like me- this site is built,
from scratch by the Flash using the bits and pieces on the training CD.TherCD
and courseware is designed to get students up and running with the app. The
site is posted as a benchmark to see your stuff matches their stuff.If you are
looking for whizzy stuff on the site - as Soooz would say , "Fuggedaboudit".

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  FLASH: DiscoverToys, Kevin Jackson

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