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Subject: Re: FLASH: Flash 4 Book
From: unique
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 05:10:55 GMT

On 1999.10.30 at 18.37, Kevin M. Duggan <Kevin_Dugganatstudent [dot] uml [dot] edu> wrote:

> What is a good book to learn Flash 4
> I will be using a Mac?

Hey Kevin,

Here's my 2 cents (platform-independent advice):

Only book that I know of that's currently available for Flash 4 is the
QuickStart series version, from Peachpit Press.

YMMV, but I have found that reading particular chapters has been an extremely
efficient means to "scarfing down" certain important Flash concepts.

I recommend you risk the $20 or so, and dive in, while you await the other,
future, potentially more-detailed, promised books. There's plenty in F4:QS to be
of value even to "intermediate" Flashers (just my perspective).


Ken Sherwood


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  FLASH: Flash 4 Book, Kevin M. Duggan

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