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Subject: FLASH: OT: web developer details
From: Bob
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 16:42:17 GMT

Hi folks,

While I know this is a touchy topic I am hoping that
you people may be able to lend me a bit of your
wisdom. I am about to graduate with an IS/IT degree
but instead of moving into a career strictly IS/IT
-based, I am hoping to find work as a web developer. I
posess a good range of skills (Photoshop, Flash, ASP,
SQL, javascript, C, DBMS, DHTML, etc), but lack
experience. Although my career decision is not
motivated by money, I am curious as to the broad
salary range a new web developer can expect. I have a
a monsterous student loan you know! =)

While I do not commit myself to one medium, I prefer
doing most of my work in Flash. How valuable is Flash
to such a career in relation to things like Javascipt,
Perl, CGI etc...? What skills would you folks
recommend focusing on?

I look forward to your responses.




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