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Subject: Re: FLASH: looking for good preloaders
From: Courage
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 18:57:01 GMT

Hi John,

<I see it is not playing the preload animation (assuming
Welcome to is
My best guess is for why it is not playing the preload
content is that
you have added a space and changed the value box from ABC to
= in the
LoadCheck box.
I left the value box as expression to prevent a space from
If it looks like this there will be no preload animation.
Set Variable: "LoadCheck" = "490 ">

the welcome to millennium ford (and the other 5 quotes it is
"supposed" to play reflects the change in the quotes that
you had, so that is supposed to be the preloading animation.
... hmmm..

Did not change anything with the abc or = buttons, but will
defnitely check to see if somehow it changed itself... : )

Quick question though. Where you have all the comments, then
below that there are the settings.. IS that the only place
we need to make changes. IE: you have LoadCheck=6 We changed
that to 490. That is the only place we did that at. Is there
somewhere else we should be doing it?

Thank you as always John, you are a valuable asset to this
list & the flash community.

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