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Subject: FLASH: mac ie4 problems
From: Steve Smith
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 20:43:41 GMT

> Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 06:14:32 -0500
> From: John Croteau <croteauaterols [dot] com>
> Subject: Re: FLASH: mac ie4 problems
> Hi Steve,
> > > www.figleaf.com/development/flash4/swing.swf
> > > www.figleaf.com/development/flash4/swing.zip
> > Branden's movie way cool on netscape, but it doesn't play on mac IE4.
> > i'm having the same problem with a series of flash movies i've been working
> > on -- they work in: mac netscape, pc IE4, just not on mac IE4. has anyone
> > else had any problems getting movies to play properly in mac IE4?
> What is not working the SWF file or the FLA?
> What exactly are the problems you are having?


well john,

it's the .swf -- specifically after it's been embedded in the html page
that's giving me all the problems.

my structure is like this: the frame that holds the .swf files loads
base.swf -- a single frame movie with the "same" background color as the
frame (to eliminate the "flash from otherwise having to load a new .html
page). base.swf loads buttons.swf into level 10. buttons.swf are essentially
the controls for the movie. the .swf movie "modules" are loaded into level
2, based on user input -- pushing the control buttons.

the scenario: i'm in internet explorer 4 on the mac. i click a link on one
of our clientextranet pages and it launches a window via javascript of fixed
dimensions. the frameset loads, the base.swf file loads, it in turn loads
the buttons.swf movie in layer_10 and the buttons.swf file in turn loads
menu.swf in level 2. i click on one of the options in menu.swf (which is
supposed to tell the buttons.swf movie to go to a particular frame, where a
command is encountered to load another movie into level 2, replacing
menu.swf, but level 2 goes blank -- all i see is the background color. the
movie stops and is unresponsive.

i know that you probably can't discern too terribly much without seeing the
file in action and/or the source. while i can't give out the url, i could
email to you personally a truncated version of the prototype (the .fla's)
with just maybe a few of the modules.

this is my first major flash project and i most certainly appreciate any
helpful advice you or anyone else can offer. flashbible.com and this list
have been wonderful resources.



steve smith
digital media designer
stevesatlewiscommunications [dot] com

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Birmingham, Alabama 35242
tel: (205) 980 0774
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