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Subject: FLASH: setRGB (try three)
From: Scott McDonald
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 11:25:47 GMT

Sorry for being a pest, but I didn't see any responses to my two previous
posts... I am going crazy here... please tell me how or if I can get the
equiv to this:

White = "0xFFFFFF"
newColor = new color(testMC);

it makes it black, regardless of what hex I put in... I have tried using

eval("newColor.setRGB(" + White + ")"); which traces correctly :
newColor.setRGB(0xFFFFFF) but doesn't fire. which is likely because I am
trying to use eval, JavaScript style... but I am going nuts trying to figure
out what I am doing right, I need to be able to change the color of a movie
script based on which or 40 buttons are pushed.... so far the only solution
I have found is a 40 framed MC with different colors (totally not
acceptable) or a mock if else if switch with each of the colors broken down
(workable, but cumbersome) any ideas? if it can't be done, they can I ask
John, why did MM make it so you can use variables for anything BUT setting a

thanks in advance

Scott McDonald
EchoDotCom Designs

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  Re: FLASH: setRGB (try three), Helen Triolo

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