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Subject: RE: FLASH: ANNC: Flash 5 ActionScript seminars in NYC, Chicago, SF
From: Terry R. Schussler
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 16:12:40 GMT

At 1:12 AM +0000 10/29/00, Michael Earley wrote:
>JGL... yes it was very clear... what my comment was aimed at was not the
>fact that after someone forks out 900 they may have access to your site for
>6 months.


We don't charge anywhere near 900 for our Flash 5 seminar. The price is
$399 US.

The flash5u.com website is specifically not online at this time. However,
it will be live prior to the events on December 5th-7th. Criticizing a
website which is specifically "not there" is a bit unfair. I spent less
than 3 minutes putting what's there up in fact - it's just a placeholder
(which will be cleaned up.)

If you want to see more of our website work, you can visit
http://www.macromediaseminars.com/. You can read about my background as a
trainer by clicking on the Credentials link.

I'm pretty confident that you would find the seminar of value.




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