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Subject: Re: FLASH: Converting Flash Files to Video Tape (Beta SP)
From: David Wallach
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 17:21:43 GMT

Sorenson... Yechhc...ptui...

YES they can import the file, just ask them to send you the avid codek and
drop it in your system folder. Next time you export from flash use that
codek for the compression.

How long (in seconds) is the file? That may limit you as to how you should
do this, but with that info I can help you out a bit...

> Hi,
> I need to convert/transfer a Flash animation to Video (BETA SP) for
> broadcast on television. Does anyone know of a film house in Toronto (where
> I work) or in Los Angeles (where my customer is located) who can do this?
> Background:
> I contacted a film house in Toronto who told me that they could convert
> QuickTime movies to Beta Tape. I sent them a QuickTime movie (aspect ration
> (640 x 480) exported directly from Flash. However they could not import the
> file (using an Avid video editing suite) and asked me to send them a
> QuickTime movie that used the "Sorenson" codex. I opened my QuickTime in
> Adobe Premier and exported it using the "Sorenson" codex but the quality is
> terrible -- blurry with tons of artifacts.
> Thanks,
> Bill

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  RE: FLASH: Converting Flash Files to Vid, Bill James

  FLASH: Converting Flash Files to Video T, Bill James

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