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Subject: RE: FLASH: FLASH 99% BAD
From: Fortune Elkins
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 17:22:19 GMT

hiya david & shawn!

um, donning my asbestos suite --- i like this article by jakob nielson. it's
a gonna be a great positive.

i often run into flash haters when i design sites here for my employer. it's
usually something like "i don't want that junk on my site." when you ask
people why they hate flash, they will usually respond with "eye-candy
timewaster." their arguments are rarely as thought out as jakob's. in fact,
i'll probably start giving this article out to project managers.

then what i'll do is make a flash-enabled site design that meets as many of
his objections as possible. then i'll explain why the others aren't
relevant, or ask the project manager to list his priorities, and show how
jakob's objections deal with things that are a low-priority to the project

for example, search. our site uses htdig, which indexes comments. so i
always have flash spit out the text, and the user can find the page, load
the correct movie, and see the content. so that works well enough to handle
that objection. as for the major search engines, they can be dealt with too.

since i can meet *most* of jakob's objections in my use of flash, and the
remaining objections tend to be lower-priority to the project manager, i can
let my project managers *convince themselves* that flash is actually
appropriate and will add value.

esp. now in flash 5 that we can load external rich-text files, i can many
times argue that a flash content page is smaller, will download faster, and
is less of a maintenance problem than a regular 40k html page.

in short, i think this article will help me sell a lot of flash around here!

the glass is *really* half-full,


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  Re: FLASH: FLASH 99% BAD, Kristopher Schultz

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