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Subject: Re: FLASH: Preloading a swf
From: Gregg Caines
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000 23:15:29 GMT

In that case, you can just use 'load movie' and have your loaded movie's
first frame be blank, with a 'stop' actionscript in it. When you need it to
play, just target it and tell it to play.

That's the method I use because I avoid client-side scripting like the

Gregg Caines
n e o m e t r i x systems inc.
gcainesatneometrixsystems [dot] com

> yes, but is there any way to use Javascript to cache flash movies before
> actually playing them? ie
> i have a flash movie three levels deep into my website, but i don't want
> people to have to look at a "loading..." screen when they link to it.
> is a lot of content on my homepage, and chances are people will spend some
> time viewing it before moving along. is there any way to cache the movie
> from the homepage? for images, you just put this between the head tags:
> if (document.images) {
> cached_image = New Image();
> cached_image.src = "image.gif";
> }
> I haven't tried it yet, but I think replacing "image.gif" with "movie.swf"
> should work fine. I don't think Javascript checks file extensions.
> You'd probably want to put the code inside a function and call it from an
> OnLoad event, so that it loads the page before caching the movie.
> david

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