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Subject: Re: FLASH: Converting Flash Files to Video Tape (Beta SP)
From: David Wallach
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 08:48:08 GMT

Very good info from kristopher schultz on this topic, and I have just a few
things to add... You mention that you have two files to 'transfer' each of
185 seconds in length... WOW.... Uncompressed NTSC resolution video
(without audio) can be 25megs/second in file size@!@!!! So you are talking
about 9.25 gigs of uncompressed video.... Unless you are sending them hard
drives, that might be a problem. As to the codek thing, Sorenson is ok for
wee little QuickTime windows in somebody's browser, but I would go for MJPEG
if you are going to make the video files your self. Really the BEST thing to
do is output the whole thing as a PNG sequence and let the video jockey
types put it together.

The thought to export as tiffs or jpegs is a good one for quality, but the
best choice is png sequences as they don’t dump color info to allow for
compression, and they can stitch these together for you in the Avid Room.
It will take some serious storage to ship these files (er.. No email...) but
multiple dvds or a but load of cds will do the trick.

Remember to tone down your color palette, as NTSC colors are WAY too
saturated and your reds will blind most animals at 50 paces... So tone down.
Because the video heads that will be transferring this for you will need to
re-render this for you no matter what you do ( to compensate for the 60fps
to 59.94/fps needed for NTSC. see next paragraph...) just ask the folks to
run an AE filter or such that adjusts for NTSC colors, like the one in
Photoshop( which you could use to batch process the images if you want, but
with almost 23,000 stills , you might want them to do it.. =)

Now comes the hard part.. Frame rate... You should be outputting this thing
at 60 frames per second. Before everybody flames me on this list, hear me
out. NTSC needs to be 29.97/second (30 from flash, you got no choice) but
that leaves you with interlacing problems. Here comes the watered down
explanation, if you want high octane, email me off list: TVs show the
images by showing them twice, once for an upper field and once for a lower
field, and since flash wont let you adjust for field ordering, you gotta
double the rate..

..and remember to make your flash for Video... Not for the subtleties of
high res computer screens... No tiny little lines and all your text should
be larger than you like, and REALLY antialiased or the edges will jump
around and give the viewer some serious eye strain, try blurring the edges
of any hard edged objects that need to stay stationery on screen for very
long, it makes the whole experience much nicer.

Hmmm... What else.. OH YEAH... All of the action in your movie needs to be
within 576*432 and any text or titles need to be within 512*384, so that
the action doesn’t get cut off by some screens and so your text doesn’t do
wacky things that piss clients off.

Need more blahblah? Let me know.



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  Re: FLASH: Converting Flash Files to Vid, Kristopher Schultz

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