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Subject: FLASH: Re: Site Check please
From: Motomichi
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 11:59:45 GMT

> comments, as requested:
> i'm sure you have your reasons, but your detection scheme requires users
> *read* - maybe you are weeding out people who wouldn't take the time to
> subject themselves to ideas in art? Qrime is so uncluttered and
> to-the-point, i would think you'd rather redirect flash 5 enabled users to
> page that just had the icon on it.

Thanks for the comments. That's what I thought, but I have heard that it's
impossible to detect plug-ins in IE on Mac. By the way how come plugin 4 can
read plugin 5 animation?? I just checked it and realized that the animation
shows with the plugin 4 but disable the 5 features..

> i had to wait (momentarily, but still...) for each individual part of the
> work to download. aren't you downloading these in the background?

Hmm. you think it's better to load the other animations while you play the
others? I will appreciate if any of you can give me your inputs.

> it sounds like it is mixed into the WAV, but just in case: that distortion
> in the "carol of the bells" in the part with the cyclops twins is
> intentional, right?

Yeah?? They are all output to MP3. The sound thing in Twins was not
intentional but I ended up liking it..(he he, I am honest)

Are you on PC or Mac?

Thanks again.

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  Re: FLASH: Re: Site Check please, PSWoods

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