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Subject: RE: FLASH: FLASH 99% BAD
From: Jamin Shoulet
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 11:59:45 GMT

Was doing some reading about good ole Jakob. ok fine...he's a smart guy...he
knows a lot about programing blagh blagh blagh.. and he is entitled to give
his convictions just like every one else...but I think its common sense to
not totaly denounce something... Everything in moderation....I think most
things have good points and bad points. Take Windows operating
system....stable most of the time? HAHAHAHA yea right...be we still use it
(unless you use mac). you would think that a huge company like microsoft
would come up with a more reliable system that doesnt cost as much as
windows NT. but we still use it...actually when you think about it...if it
was not for the proliferation (sp) of the windows operation system...a lot
of us flashers would be doing something else for a living.

ok..where am I going with this? donno..just rambling on and on. serriously
though...Falsh is just another artistic tool....if you got the talent, then
you can make it sing...if not, then keep trying until you get the results
you want. but to have someone totaly rip you a part about what you stand
for is not a smart move. I'm sure there are tons of animators like you and
me who are not happy with his comments...but I say this (bitter new yorker
coming out of the box) just look at him...ya think he's ever been kissed by
a girl? Sorry about the slam....I just dont like people who are one
sided...but then again..I dont know him, so maybe like Jakob..I'm making a
bad judgement call...oh well...time to make more coffee

--Jamin Shoulet (Bitter New Yorker)

Website coming VERY SOON!

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THAT IS FUNNY AS H@LL! Why am I not surprised that a guy who wears a shirt
like that would be saying these things? What, does he fancy himself a
mid-eighties corporate raider?

> Found on another Flash list:
> http://home.pacbell.net/ledof/
> "Jakob Gets Down"
> Brian

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