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Subject: Re: FLASH: FLASH 99% BAD
From: Brian
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 13:56:59 GMT

This is all assuming that websites are all supposed to do the same thing.
But they aren't.
There is so much diversity on the web, due to the fact that it's a level
playing field (for the most part... more than other media, anyway), that
there has to be left room for the miscellaneous, because that's what people
are all about.
To begrudge (there's that word again) anyone their outlet because someone is
trying to play Internet cop is angling away from the best reasons the
Internet exists - by the people, for the people.

-Brian Matthews

> I wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that flash is 99% bad. However,
> Jakob Nielsen is very much talking about Flash from an HCI (Human Computer
> Interaction) viewpoint and I have to in many ways agree with his findings.
> personally think that HCI is most important when information delivery and
> learning are the objectives and in these areas the more in the way of
> and familiarity you can provide the user with the better. That is by no
> means to say that most HTML training sites etc. are of a high standard,
> rather that they are based on a technology that, in my opinion, lends
> better to this sort of thing. It is fast, can give immediate feedback, the
> browser back button works etc. I think peoples' level of understanding
> (computer literacy / familiarity) and the reason for producing the site
> serious considerations. Hence if you feel the goals you are trying to
> achieve mean that people are going to be willing to download Flash 5 or
> Shockwave 8 Player, then sit through 30 seconds of loading, 30 seconds of
> eyecandy and so on before any information is presented, then cool use
> or Director Shockwave - if not maybe consider something else!? I like
> mashed up shit as much as the next person - check www.mustardpot.com
> care what you think!) but there is a time and a place!
> Cheers for your ears,
> sAMsKi.

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  Re: FLASH: FLASH 99% BAD, sam

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