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Subject: Re: FLASH: URGENT! PC fla to MAC fla! Please HELP!!!!!!
From: Ken Lanxner
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 15:01:19 GMT

On 10/30/00 at 7:14 PM, SRee, Abu Salam <asreeatunocal [dot] com> wrote:

> The same old question again since it doesn't work!
> How is it possible to convert a PC fla to MAC fla.

You should be able to open a .fla created in Windows on a Mac, in most
circumstances. Double-clicking the icon will usually not work but you
can drag it onto the Flash icon or use the Open menu item from Flash.

Then Save As and you have a Mac .fla.

Sometimes you may have better results by using a Flash filetyper to make
the file type more easily recognized by Mac. There is a freeware program
that will do this for you at:


On rare occasions, you will get a message error message about "Microsoft
elements" or something like that. In this case you are out of luck
unless you have access to a PC and can discover the offending element
and remove it. This issue has been discussed recently on this list and
elsewhere but I can't recall a satisfactory answer to what kind of
Windows element is causing the problem.

I have only seen this last PC to Mac problem a couple of times out of
100 PC files I have opened.


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