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Subject: FLASH: Re: FLASH 99% BAD
From: sahlan cherpitel
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 16:02:28 GMT

hi all,
my 2 pixels worth

feel it's right to back up thorvald, fortune, roland, rebecca, meshach &
others who made reasonable comments -- though can't read nielsen's article
right now because i'm optimizing 3 dozen 1 meg photoshop picts sitting on my
desk top for a phototour -- just taking a break by reading today's digests
-- & don't want to risk a crash & lose histories by calling up IE

having read nielsen before, i agree he's bandwidth conservative & of the
do-it-with-littliest-bytes-possible school (which, within context is valid),
& he reflects a view that may be majority, because, friends, we live in an
internet world that is by my guess, still 85% on dial-up, just like 85% use
WIN & not mac

overall the web by normal standards is an effed up mess & we are the
pioneers cutting through the woods, blazing the trails, showing the way,
however, we need to be careful not to endorse trails that lead to people
being stranded, such as one guide did to the donner party a century & a half
ago (US lore: while crossing the California sierras, the donner party got
stuck in the snow & the few who survived ate the dead)

like pioneers, we live under conditions that are intolerable by normal
standards, yet we chose this path, & most of us are making money at it

that's all
& forgive me, please, if i said anything that offends anyone, as i did when
i spoke on our responsibility as developers a few weeks ago


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