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Subject: RE: FLASH: OT:cash money (was ADMIN: Welcome new sponsors: flashforward2000)
From: Paul Willoughby
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 17:45:56 GMT

Gabriel wrote on 31 October 2000 at approximately 15:34 GMT:

> now, I was really wondering what do you get for the Pound,
> what does a snack of fish and chips cost, or the rent for a
> decent apartment,
> will I get rich, famous, stylish + beautiful, British and
> polite if I go
> for a London job ?
> It was really ment as Flash / job / business topic/question
> so thanks for the topjobs.uk hint
> _gabriel

Sorry _gabriel, feeling a bit sarky this afternoon. Anyway, I live in
Streatham, South London and me and my girlfriend pay 650 a month between us
for a 1 bedroom flat. If you want to live in central London you'll have to
pay more like 800-1000 for a decent sized apartment. Fish and chips are
about 3 quid a go, but didn't you know our national dish is curry? A chicken
tikka massala with rice will set you back about 5. You can easily keep
yourself fat for 50 a week, but drinking is expensive, especially if you
have an urge to drink after 11pm.
As a web developer with 3 years experience (html, js, Flash, ASP and that
kind of thing), you could easily earn 25,000 a year, and anything up to
40,000 if your shit hot and the company really wants you. I've also had a
few feelance Flash jobs, which I charge about 120 a day for, but that kind
of work isn't that easy to come by.
Will you be rich, beautiful, stylish and polite if you come to London? Not
if you move to Streatham, geezer!


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