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Subject: Re: FLASH: URGENT! PC fla to MAC fla! Please HELP!!!!!!
From: julie gargan
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 19:14:25 GMT

> On rare occasions, you will get a message error message about "Microsoft
> elements" or something like that. In this case you are out of luck
> unless you have access to a PC and can discover the offending element
> and remove it. This issue has been discussed recently on this list and
> elsewhere but I can't recall a satisfactory answer to what kind of
> Windows element is causing the problem.

Actually, in regards to the "this file contains objects created in Microsoft
windows" error, (and I know this will sound strange) but it you wait for a
day or so, with the file on your mac it might open. I have absolutely no
idea why this happens but it seems to work.

I haven't tested this extensively, but I have run across several files that
gave me that message. Each time I couldn't open it (and would get that pesky
microsoft message), I would then try using filetyper (a program that has
worked for me in the past in converting PC files that don't want to open).
That wouldn't work, but then I wait a day , double click on it and the file
opens with no problems.

I thought it was odd. But was glad that I could eventually access the files.

has anyone else run across this?

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