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Subject: FLASH: Text Scrolling in Flash
From: Jason Ogle
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 20:31:36 GMT

Hello All,

My name is Jason & I'm new to this list.

I came across this tutorial on how "easy" it is to make scrolling text in flash. 


Well, I'm following all the instructions & am still falling short of success.  I can understand all of the scripting stuff that they are mentioning & have applied that, however I don't get how do you make the text field a certain # of lines & still have text underneath it.  I made my custom text box, but evertime I keep adding text to it so that it's long enough to scroll, it makes my text box longer so that there's never anything to scroll to because it's already visible when I test my movie.. is there some type of masking deal here that needs to be applied to this?  They didn't mention it very clearly in the tutorial how to set a text box at a certain size.. etc..

Please help.

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