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Subject: FLASH: OT: Taking Credit (was open sourcing)
From: Gahlord Dewald
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 20:59:33 GMT


On 10/31/00 at 11:02 AM, derrickito <kingdclark2athotmail [dot] com> wrote:

> This opensourcing you are talking about is already open sourced.. this is
> just your face on joshua davis's www.barneys.com
Uhhhh? No it isn't. You're right in noting that the little text blurbs move in
and replace the previous blurbs. Barneys.com is far more sexy than that. There's
a whole lot of designs out there based on moving items along a horizontal plane.
While it's flattering that you compare my piece to Joshua Davis' work, the
concept is far more widespread and has been for much longer than barneys.com.

> are you trying to take credit for this design? its been done and is
> opensourced all over the web..
Yes, as a matter of fact, I would take full credit for the design of the virtual
> or are you talking about open sourcing just your sound player?
The sound aspect is what I think people could use the most. When I was building
it I had immense trouble finding clear documentation on how sound works in
flash. As far as design I wouldn't expect someone to keep the design aspects so
much (but wouldn't care if they did).

> curious about clarification
This does bring up a useful thread though. As I don't consider the virtual
roneat a rip-off of barneys.com but you clearly do; in what way do you (or other
readers) consider a piece to be derivative?

Fuck you very much,


jesu, try to give something back... shit, maybe I'll give Barney's a call and
see if they mind if I open source _their_ virtual roneat.

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