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Subject: FLASH: Buying FLash Online...then SCRUBBING HARD DRIVE
From: Matthew Phillips
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 15:15:32 +0100

Because we needed Flash 3.0 a.s.ap., my boss decided to buy
Flash 3.0 online, for Windows 95.

Having since paid for it with his credit card, we have the installer for it...
but there's only one problem: now the computer that has the installer
on it needs to be FORMATTED, and we don't know what - other than
the installer itself - needs to be BACKED UP.

. DLL files? Prefs? Who knows...this is a Windoze machine!

For a test, we tried running the installer on another computer,
but it wants us to "buy online" AGAIN. Ummmm...no. We already paid for Flash 3.0
for one computer. We want to be able to use the installer again whenever we
want on that one computer. But that computer's drive needs to be formatted.

Anyone out there know the answer? Macromedia folks?
Incidentally, the Customer Service line is not open right now....too early in the
morning for California (we're on the opposite coast)...but this computer needs
to be formatted ASAP

Matthew Phillips

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  Re: FLASH: Buying FLash Online...then SC, John Croteau

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