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Subject: Re: FLASH: Call to Action - Unprotect
From: Joe Crawford
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 18:00:05 +0100

Daniel Hedrick wrote:

> I learned how to do most of what I know now based on VIEW SOURCE, I rarely
> rely on manuals or wizards, just plain ole VIEW SOURCE...Cntrl C and Cntrl
> V.
> Then there was...FLASH!
> I find that most developer5s "Protect" your movies. Why? I will end this
> with a simple request...Make your movies available so that we who are new
> and novices of this game can quickly grow up. I am thankful that the
> Macromedia Sources/Training/Help is pretty good. But I would rather rely on
> the creative passion of this group.

Or you could just get the Flash Swiffer. The url for which escapes
me at the moment.


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  FLASH: Call to Action - Unprotect, Daniel Hedrick

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