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Subject: Re: FLASH: Call to Action - Unprotect
From: Ricardo Madrazo
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 21:31:15 +0100

>I learned how to do most of what I know now based on VIEW SOURCE, I rarely
>rely on manuals or wizards, just plain ole VIEW SOURCE...Cntrl C and Cntrl

Me too... I learned step by step and little by little. And then adding a
little of my own ideas... little by little.

>Then there was...FLASH!
>I find that most developer5s "Protect" your movies. Why? I will end this
>with a simple request...Make your movies available so that we who are new
>and novices of this game can quickly grow up. I am thankful that the
>Macromedia Sources/Training/Help is pretty good. But I would rather rely on
>the creative passion of this group.

I don't want to sound snotty, but wouldn't you rather rely on your OWN
creative passion. I've learned many many things from this mailing list and
its gurus... however, the urls posted often here are a source of
inspiration sometimes, not a source of copy+paste... If I see something
intriguing done with Flash, I'll usually think, "wow! how'd they do that?"
and try to achieve a similar effect by oppening the app and starting from
scratch. If I'm stumped, I usually mail the author privately for advice.
But I never expect anyone to give me their .fla file, or to unprotect their

>Call to unprotect!!! Am I hitting a deaf ear?

I think you are.

>Help me to undserstand...once I get flash movies made, I promise that I will
>make these movies available for your VIEWing/"Cntrl C"ing.

That's not the point. The point is that Flash is such a versatile medium
that it demands we each exploit the possibilities if offers each one of us,
varying greatly even from one project to another. If the point was just to
copy+paste, then we'd have ten thousand gabocorps floating around the web.

>A teacher told me a long time ago that the best compliment a creative artist
>can have is when you find other artists emulating your work. I think most
>of us know that we want to create Unique presentations, but we all want to
>learn from the best.

A teacher told ME a long time ago that the best teacher is one who inspires
you to think for yourself. It's true. I don't doubt for a second that
imitation is a great form of flattery. For instance, three weeks ago I
asked for input on a site I published that contained certain graphic
elements which were also present in a different site reviewed here this
week, created by someone else. Inside, I felt kinda good... but still, it
was a different approach, different focus, and besides, I probably got the
idea from a previous site I'd seen and applied it differently.

And one thing is to emulate an artist's work and another is to blatantly
copy or (dare I say?) outright plagiarize it.

To close off, I'll just say that I think Flash is a wonderful tool because
it dares you to expand the possibilities of what you though was possible to
publish on the web; that is the foundation for innovation and creativity.
You should try spending a couple of sleepless nights experimenting with
Flash for no apparent practical reason... oftentimes you'll meet with great

And of course, subscribing to this list and visiting the Shocked site of
the day also helps :-)


Ricardo Madrazo
Tecolote Digital
madrazoatel-tecolote [dot] com (mailto:madrazoatel-tecolote [dot] com)
(525) 530-1870
(525) 639-8460 fax

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  FLASH: Call to Action - Unprotect, Daniel Hedrick

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