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Subject: FLASH: FSCommand 2 Open a New Window From Flash 3
From: Matthew @ C-Studios
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 13:54:25 +0100

Ok, I've read thru the tutorial here:


but I'm still having problems opening a new window from a Flash 3 file.

I want a button in my Flash 3 file to open a new HTML window that has
no Flash in it whatsoever. Pretty simple.

I've tried following the instructions at the above address (essentially cut
and pasted
the information that I needed), but I can't get my head around it.

Seems to be it should be a lot simpler than it appears to be.
If anyone would care to help me out of this trivial jam, I'd be more than

Here's what I've done so far, in order:

(1) In the orginal HTML file that called the Flash 3 file, I named the Flash
3 file
"movie". name="movie"

(2) Followed this instruction from

"To allow this function to be called from the movie, select "Get URL" as the
button action or frame action, then enter the following in the URL: field in
the dialog box:

So I've done exactly this. Cut and pasted the words
"FSCommand:openTheWindow" and put them
as an action on the button I want to call the new window.

(3) Added this JavaScript to the HTML page I want opened in the new window:

<script language="javascript"><!--function movie_DoFSCommand(command, args)
{if(command=="openTheWindow"){openNewWindow()}}function openNewWindow()

Note: the new window is to open the HTML file "pizzamain.html".

(4) That's it. It's not working, and I'm a shade confused...

Matthew Phillips

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