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Subject: FLASH: Text Morph
From: J.L.Allen
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 15:39:53 +0100

I'm pretty new to this FLASH 3 technology,
so I know I have lot's to learn.

Hoping someone can help this impatient
idiot and tell me how I can "morph"
images into text flawlessly, or morph
text into images: You know, like a sphere
into a letter or word, and vice-versa(?)

I've seen this done, I just can't get it to
work for me. I know it's easy, but somehow
I just seem to miss it for some reason.

Also, I would like it a lot if you more
experienced FLASH developers could take a
look at my first real attempt and let me
know how you would improve it. It's very
small and very simple.

Thanks. ==Doppy==
doppysdesignatnetscape [dot] net

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