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Subject: Re: FLASH: Any progress on these?
From: John Dowdell
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 19:58:15 +0100

At 8:33 AM 9/29/98, Wayne Townsend wrote, in parts:
>Extens to Load Movie...
>1. Load Quicktime @ x,y
>2. Load RealPlayer @ x,y. Obvious.
>PS: Wish. A version of Flash that falls within the current version and
>Director. One with a scripting language. My vote is Flash/SuperCard.

These would be difficult, politically... many people here on FLASHER-L
delight in the small player size for pure Flash content. The QT3 Asset Xtra
in Director 6.5/Win32 is over 400K in size, and the Lingo scripting engine
is half the size of the entire Shockwave plugin.

Instead of using Flash as the host for various media and interactivity
functions, suppose Flash was a guest in an interactive, multi-media host?
Standalone Director hosts make for the richest delivery option, but even a
normal browser host will let you deliver video and use scripting, to the
limits of each individual client instance. FSCommand is tricky but lets
these various objects intercommunicate, even in variegated browsers.

Rephrased, one of the great strengths of Flash is that it's fast to deliver
to new users, and can be used as a media element in a wide variety of
hosts. This requires a tight focus, and makes it difficult to act as a
bulky host itself, at least not without giving up some of these compelling

(SuperTalk is certainly a valid English-like scripting language. A strict
port may be difficult, though, because it is card-based rather than
time-based, and Flash is intrinsically time-based. Lingo is likely a closer
match to the demands of such a task, and offers the performance benefits of
a compiled language.)

>Where is the Mac version of Severside Generator?
>Does anyone have any news on these?
> Is there a demand for them?

Few enterprise servers are Mac-based, although Macs are certainly *heavily*
represented in the design community. That's why the design tools are on
Macintosh, and the server tools are on IIS/NT, Apache/Solaris, and
NES3.5/Solaris. (The two Solaris/Sparc servers went into public beta this
week... you can get the news from the Macromedia front page.)

I appreciate the wishlist items, Wayne... would it be possible for you to
forward them into the wish-flashatmacromedia [dot] com account? Although most of
the product team lurks here on FLASHER-L, not all members read each
message, and so explicit wishlist items will make sure the request doesn't
get lost in the crunch.

These particular requests might be difficult, technically and practically,
but it's _really_ appreciated if you can keep us up on what your wishes and
desires are... if there's a way to satisfy the overall goal, even through
different means, then that starts with knowing what the goal is! Thanks


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